How Many mg of Nicotine Are in an Electronic Cigarette?

How Many mg of Nicotine Are in an Electronic Cigarette?


An electronic cigarette, additionally called an electronic cigarette, may be a hand-held vaporizer device for phytotoxic. It doesn’t need a lighter and doesn’t turn out smoke, rather electric battery operated system inside this cigarette looking structure create a vapor from e-liquid (liquid nicotine).



Unlike a true cigarette, the electronic cigarette doesn’t have phytotoxic within the white halve, rather the phytotoxic is in cartridges that go wherever the filter typically is. The cartridge contains the e-liquid and this is often what determines the phytotoxic content of the electronic cigarette.



The electronic cigarette cartridge comes in many alternative forms and flavors and also the phytotoxic values vary. The liquid phytotoxic is typically mixed with another kind of liquid, generally propylene glycol, to form a solution and therefore the composition helps confirm the phytotoxic content.

Nicotine Content

The phytotoxic content depends on what the package states, with the standard labeling starting from none to further high, whereas the range varies from firms the subsequent numbers are within the right range—0 mg for none, six mg for low, eleven mg for medium, sixteen mg for prime, and twenty mg for additional high.


Cigarettes vs. E-cigarettes

An average smoker takes regarding fifteen puffs on a cigarette that ranges from one to two mg of phytotoxic consumption per cigarette. Relatively, fifteen puffs on a sixteen mg cartridge would equal about zero.15 mg of phytotoxic. Thus, the phytotoxic absorption is much less in an electronic cigarette than an everyday cigarette.


Health and Dangers

Because of the shortage of smoke, electronic cigarettes are thought-about healthier for you, however, you still are taking in phytotoxic, that isn’t sensible for your body. Moreover, the e-liquid that the cartridges are full of are toxic if spilled on somebody because of the massive phytotoxic content in them, thus you must take precautions.