E Cigarette Instructions

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The E-Cigarette electronic cigarette is made up of 4 technical components consisting of the cartridge, the atomizer, the battery and an indicator light, all controlled by high performance micro-electronics. The e-cigarette cartridge contains a solution of nicotine.

When inhalation takes place on the filter or cartridge the nicotine is vaporized by the atomizer. This process to powered by a rechargeable battery. The indicator light or tip glows and simulates the end of a traditional cigarette.

Preparation and assembly

  • Step 1– charging the rechargeable lithium battery.Screw the battery clockwise into the battery charger. Plug the charger into the power source, via mains lead and plug or USB connection, depending on your product option.The indicator light on the battery charger will illuminate red and the tip of the cigarette will flash 10 times, indicating charging is in progress. The battery charger indicator light will turn blue when the battery is fully charged and ready for use,this may take 3 hours on the initial charge (2 hours thereafter). Unscrew the battery anti-clockwise from the battery charger when fully charged.
  • Step 2 – assembling the battery and atomizer unit.Screw the battery onto the atomizer unit by turning clockwise. Remove the dummy cartridge tip from the atomizer by pulling away from the device.
  • Step 3– attaching the cartridge.Remove a cartridge from the cellophane pack and discard the protective cap. Press the cartridge firmly onto the atomizer, completing the assembly.Warning If during installation of the cartridge any ingredients come in contact with your skin, rinse immediately and thoroughly with clean water.
  • Step 4– The E-Cigarette is now ready for use. Draw on the E-Cigarette a couple of times and inhale just as you would on a normal cigarette. This action will turn the device on, indicated by the glow of the electronic cigarette tip. When you stop inhaling, it will automatically stop the atomization process, and the device will go into standby, and the tip will cease to glow. When you draw on the E-Cigarette, you will taste the flavouring.If you inhale deeply, you will feel the warm vapour in your throat, with less simulated smoke being produced when you exhale. Inhaling to a lesser extent will allow more of the simulated smoke to be visible on the exhale, similar to tobacco smoking. Inhaling to a greater or lesser extent willeffect the feeling gained from the nicotine.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Don't Quit, Switch - See why millions have switched to V2!